Padhia is a Los Angeles-based writer and street artist. Her work can best be described as psychological commentary. Where most other street artists pull from external themes such as politics, pop culture, and social commentary, Padhia’s work explores the often undiscovered and obscure aspects of our interior human landscape.


She is the originator of several viral movements including Unfuk Yourself : be who you were before all the stuff happened that dimmed your fucking shine, and the Love Me Anyways thought initiative, which she has also expanded in to fine art and an apparel line.


“We master all our devices and software and technology, yet we never master what is perhaps the greatest technology that we possess- our own personal operating system, the heart and brain, both of which must be in sync for happiness. I view the messages in my work actually as Reprogramming, in the sense that they provide perspectives, tools and phrases that can be adopted to create an individualized operating system that supports your journey as the hero of your own story.”


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